Friday, December 16, 2011

Cardio vs. Weights

Did you know that cardio is a great way to burn calories but it's not enough? You can burn calories doing cardio but in order to continue burning calories and fat you need to add weights to your exercise regimen. If you add weights your body will continue to burn fat 24-48 hours after working out, there for making the most of your time. Afraid of getting "bulky"? Ask any weight lifter and they will tell you it takes heavy weight and lots of lifting to get bulky. Lifting light weights with high reps help build long, lean muscles that boost your metabolism and burn fat. So go out and lift some weights this weekend and let me know how it goes.


  1. Hi Beth,
    I have the opposite problem. I'm naturally thin and I constantly need to run to boost my appetite.
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  2. As I have never had that problem I would love to hear about your journey. Will follow you. Thanks for the comment and follow

  3. Thanks for sharing this info. I have been told to use weights or resistence, but not why. Always good to know the benefits so you can actually use them.

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