Monday, April 16, 2012

Time to work out and Taxes

Today is the deadline to file taxes. A day dreaded by 99% of the American work force.  As my husband and I are both self-employed we file an extention, which just prolongs the dread. Have you filed yet. We  need to invest in a sure thing, our self. How have you invested in YOU today? Is working out a part of that? You need to schedule an hour every day for YOU. Just like taking the kids to the Dr. or getting hair cuts. Write your workout schedule on your calendar or to-do list and make it a point to take care of you.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


So tomorrow I decided I' going to up the ante and start Insanity. I'm going to the beach in 68 days got to get serious with my training and eating. How do you get ready for a goal? I would love your post

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Running Safety

I'm sure by now everybody has heard about the tragedy of the Montana Mother/Teacher Runner. I did not know her personally, but she was a sister runner and I think of us all as family. You should be able to go for a Saturday morning run in your home town. Something she did every morning, but doing that every day was maybe too predictable. I'm sure she didn't think anything about it, I know I didn't, but people watch and they know your patterns. Just like if someone wanted to rob your house, they watch your patterns, when your home, when you leave, when your home alone. Please change your running route often, I know we are all creatures of habit but for safety sake change the route and watch your surroundings. I love to run with my music, but maybe from now on I will run with just one earphone so I can hear with the other. This is a needless tragedy, and I am keeping her family, friends and students in my prayers. Be safe out there